Fish farms


Within layer hasher, nurseries and Lange ponds meeting local needs of hotels, fish sellers and other processors.This ultra modern fish farm seats on a 5 hecters of land in Kuje with space for future expansion.


We have a Catfish Farm Kuje that is fully automated. This Hi-tech farm is fully fitted with Bio-towers complemented with full circulatory system. The Bio-towers assists in processing and cleaning the water in the out growers pond. It also regulates the oxygen level within the ponds. The Bio-towers work in consonance with other circulatory equipment installed in the ponds. With the circulatory process, the water creates waves within the ponds and the fishes feel that they are in their natural habitat. This enhances their growth and quality. The bio-tower helps in purifying the water in the ponds, by removing dirt and waste generated by the fishes and the feeds.


We have three main ponds in the farm. Each of these 3 ponds is segmented into 14 unites: conversely we have 42 mini ponds within 3 major ponds. Each mini-pond holds 4000 juveniles. Therefore the total holding of the 3 ponds is 168,000. With 2% mortality ratio, it is expected that we can harvest approximately 164,000 table size fishes at the end 5months. The minimum average weight of our fish is 1.3kg per fish. We have 2 ½ production cycles in every 12months.


The farm is equipped with top of the range hatchery. The hatchery produces approximately 100,000 fingerlings every two weeks. The hatchery is also installed with mini Bio-lower and circulatory equipment. The quality of our fingerlings is one of the best within the industry. After satisfying our needs, the surplus is sold to our various customers.

Our fish production process starts and end with us; up till when we sell to off-takes.


Also within our farm is a feed mill for fish feeds production. Our installed capacity is 1ton per hour. Our feeds are FLOATING because it is EXTRUDED.

The quality of our feed is very high, most especially as it is not commercial even though, we sell to a few customers.

The brand name is RUNOR FEEDS, and they are bagged in 25kg bags.