About Us

Fleet Farms Limited (FFL)
Fleet Farms Limited (FFL) is an Abuja based indigenous private limited company, established to carry on the business of agriculture in Nigeria. The company is presently implementing an integrated multi – purpose agricultural farm in Koso Panda, Nasarawa State. A poultry farm, Feed Mill with Silos, cassava plantation and Garri Factory.
The Koso Panda Farm Project Concept FFL has been implementing the Panda Farm project for quite some time, which date back to 2012. FFL Panda Farm sits on an approximately 250 hectares of land. The concept is to establish an integrated farm comprising layer farm, poultry feed mill with silos. The layer poultry consist of 10 pullet house with a capacity of 110,000 and 14 layer house with a capacity of 300,000 birds producing 1.5 million eggs a week. The Feed mill is in place and waiting commissioning. It has installed capacity of 50 metric tons a day. The silos capacity is 6000 metric tons og grains.
There is a near future already planned broiler farm consist of 7 bird house with a capacity of 20,000 day old chicks (DOCs) each and a processing plant with a capacity of 1200 birds per hour (BPH) and a Biogas plant to produce about 900KW with a 1,825 metric tons of fertilizer as by – product when it is up and running.
FFL Koso Panda Farm Project Location, the integrated multi – purpose farm is located in Koso Panda Development Area, in Karo Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. Abuja is a burgeoning capital city, with rapidly growing population, robust hospital industry and other institutional consumers of FFL products. The Koso Panda Community is space loving and has shown this disposition towards Fleet Farms. This is evidently demonstrated by the Monarch who expressed the community’s gratitude to Fleet Farms for establishing the project in Panda. The farm is approximately one hour drive from the capital territory city of Abuja; and linked by road through Mararaba and Keffi. The Mararaba – panda major highway is undergoing rehabilitation by the federal government. Kano and Kaduna which are the commercial and industrial centers of Northern Nigeria are a couple of hours drive from Abuja: the farthest being Kano – about 4 hours. This is indicative of the ease with which farm produce can be moved across key industrial and commercial centre’s and neighboring state such as Niger and Plateau States.
FFL Koso Panda has on the farm:
  1. A Drive way from the Koso Panda main road
  2. Four Gate House
  3. Two Office Blocks
  4. A Staff Clinic
  5. A Recreation Center and Cafeteria
  6. Three Blocks of Junior Staff Quarters
  7. Two Blocks of Senior Staff Quarters
  8. Chairman’s Lodge